Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Real wooden doll house floors.

In my mini house I wanted to have real wooden floors. But I wanted to find a way of doing it cheaply that would still look realistic and pretty. I decided popsicle sticks would be about the right scale and they also have a small (realistic) sized grain so when they are stained they look like real floor boards. Like I said in my other post, Tim cut the ends off with his skill saw for me. I used P.V.A. glue to glue them down. (That is what we call it in New Zealand, but if you call it something else - it is just that normal white glue.) Then when it had dried I stained it (two coats).

This first picture shows the left cupboard in the second floor back bedroom. I did this bit cause I thought it would be a mission to do after the back wall was on. Then I decided to do the whole floor cause I realised it would be a lot easier too.

Once I had cut all the bits to the right length and glued them down I put books on them to keep them flat. The books weren't heavy enough so I put my boyfriends diving weight belt on top. That worked well. It was so heavy the floor was sagging! I had just dry fitted the back wall so I could get the boards right along that edge.

Here are some more weights keeping the balcony nice and flat.

And here is what the floor looks like without any stain on it. I was quite stoked with the results.

This is the view from the other side.

And through the back wall window.

This is what I used to stain it with. Bondall Monocel Interior/Exterior Stain and Varnish in Cedar. I got it from Mitre 10. (The people at Mitre 10 are always very helpful to me even though I'm only building a mini house.)

Here's the finished result! (You can see where I have put masking tape around the bottom of all the walls.) 

After I had completed this level I realised I should really do the bottom floor too. So I did that next.
Here it is with all the boards glued down and the bay window masked in place.

And this is the bay window masked in place from the outside. 

This photo shows half way through the second coat of stain. You can see in the foreground that I have not done the floor in the bay window part. I will do this later as if I did it now I wouldn't have been able to remove the back wall anymore and I wanted to have easy access to paint most of the room. Next I need to paint a lot of popsicle sticks white for the skirting boards. (It is really expensive to buy proper doll house ones for a house this big.) 

If you want a handy tip for cutting wood on an angle try this. Just get a piece of paper and place it by the angled wall. Fold the paper over so it follows the line of the wall. Next take the paper out and lay it down on your piece of wood. Now mark it along the angle you have folded and cut it. 
You can also use a piece of paper if you need to measure in a small space that is hard to reach. Just put the paper in the place you want to measure, then fold it to the right length and take it out. Now you can easily measure the space just by measuring the piece of paper!

See ya later! Amy.


  1. Amy, the floor looks absolutely great! You must be so pleased. This house has such great shaped gives it such personality! I love the little cupboard tucked into the corner.