Saturday, 19 November 2011

Miniature roof.

Yay, I am back in blog land! I haven't blogged for ages, I have been busy building my doll house and writing school reports. (It takes a very VERY long time! - We worked out that for 25 reports you have to write about 14, 700 words!!!) Anyhow, they are nearly all done now - just the final proof read (4th person to check them including myself) and then any more editing and then done hooray!!! And only 4 more weeks to go until the Christmas holidays and I am so excited 'cause I LOVE Christmas and also next year I have taken a years leave from school to go traveling. No work for a year = super exciting! And we are not leaving till March so I will have time to make mini's and work on my novel (which so far has less words than my reports do by about 4000! ) 

But to get back on track - I have made progress on my mini house. The floors look fantastic! I am so happy that I took the time to do them that way because I am very pleased with the results. 

Here is a not-so-mini visitor in the doll house. She decided to come and 'help' me.

You can see in these pictures what the ice block sticks look like when they have been glued down but not stained.

Bethell even decided to take a tour around the stairs when I went to work on the other side of the house.

And here she is sitting outside it - I can't believe how big it is! Real life is always so much bigger than what you think things will be from just measurements!

Here are some cat-free views of the flooring; this is the down stairs lounge (left) and dining room (right).

This is the master bedroom (left) and bathroom (right) .

And the attic rooms.

And the tower.

This is in the hall stair on the second floor.

This is looking down the stairwell from the top floor (this view is later covered by roof so you can't see it.) 

The whole house.

And here is the whole house once the floors have all been stained.

After completing the floors I began assembling the roof. This is the deck roof ceiling. (It is painted white on the underside.)

As you can see it extends down the side of the house as well.

This is the little balcony extension which I will have to put flooring on and stain as well. I think I might do the decks white though so I'm wondering if I should sand the other two balconies back and paint them white as well or just leave them as they are...

I began putting to roof on the main part of the house.

But I got so in to it that I forgot to keep taking photos. (If you enjoy smashing things with a hammer you would probably have enjoyed it too :) )

So here is the result that I am up to so far. I still have some more bits to add on but I stopped here so I could add the skirting boards to all the tricky to reach parts and so I could seal the gaps with no-more-gaps, which I did yesterday.

It looks more and more like a house all the time. It is so fun seeing the progress. I am addicted to Etsy at the moment too looking at all the goodies it could later contain.

Bye bye for now. xoxo


  1. This is going to be some wonderful house. Poor kitty will have to look for a new home when it is complete. Cheers! LJ

  2. The house looks incredible. And the kitty too! Traveling for a year sounds fun. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time.

  3. Oh what a pad - it makes me want to get rid of all mine and start again!