Saturday, 11 May 2013

What do you think of the exterior paint colour?

Finally all was ready to paint the exterior of the doll house.

This is the colour I chose. It is called Bluish Water and is a Dulux paint bought from Mitre 10. I put on one coat in a kind of shabby way and intended to do another coat or two. But then I decided I liked the shabby look on the exterior. So I have left it like that for now. But I'm not sure if I should add another layer of not. Either another layer of the same colour or maybe a slightly more turquoisey one over top. 

What do you think?

After that we moved house and the dollhouse had a journey in the back of the van.

When it arrived at the new house I decided it was time I finished off all the work I needed to do in the interior of the house. I needed to attach the door that goes in the master bedroom/bathroom partition.
First I had to cut off the bottom and side of the door so it would fit easily in the hole with the hinges.

I had bought a Dremel which is a rotary tool. I used a grinding kind of bit to sand it off as sanding by hand makes the edges curve up.

Then I attached it with the little teeny hinges.

I had been needing to repair the door that goes between the master bedroom and the stair hall since before we went away! But it was in one of the tricky to reach spots of the house and those teeny hinges are so fiddly. So I had been putting it off.

It took two tries to get it to stay fixed!

But in the end I managed it. Yay!

The next job was installing the rest of the skirting and scotia boards. That involved painting the popsicle sticks, cutting them to the correct length (using my new Dremel with a saw bit attached), and then filling all the gaps. I also filled in other gaps around the place.

And when everything was dry I painted all the bits that needed touching up.

One evening Steve helped me out by holding the tower bits in place while I glued them. It is a task that is a lot easier with someone helping you as it is really a four hand job! Last time the glue must not have been hot enough as it broke when we got it out of storage. This time I made sure that it was nice and hot.

Yay, the whimsical tower is back!

You can see in this photo I have also prepared the trim to go around the deck and am just waiting until I have attached all the exterior doors before I glue it up (I don't want to make things any fiddlier than they need to be).

Here is a close up of the paint to give you an idea of the shabbiness.

And here is the completed interior. Yay!


Dining room.


Children's bedroom.


Master bedroom.



More attic.

And the Tower.

While I was busy being a perfectionist I got motivated about changing the french doors around.

Because when you open them up...

The edge of the doors stick out past the edge of the deck. Which would mean that when the railing is on the doors would not be able to open completely. That would have annoyed me forever since I have put so much time and effort into this house. I had origionally attached them opening out as I thought that in real life houses french doors usually opened out.

So I ripped them off.

But I have not re-attached them yet!

Let me know what you think! I really love to hear your feedback.

xoxoxox Love Amy.


  1. Oh Wow, Amy lovely job and perfect in every way. The colour suits the house. I would love a house like this it is so much more interesting than just square rooms. It has such lovely detail. Well done.

    Can't wait to see you furnish it now.


  2. I like the color very much and also color on floors.
    And it´s an interesting house


  3. It looks great, including the shabby exterior! I'm so excited to see what you do with the interior decorating. So far I love the hardwood floors and white walls--so clean and pretty! xo Jennifer

  4. The interior is pristine! I love it just the way it is already! I just love the way it looks and feels. You are doing an amazing job. A lot of my houses just get 1 coat on the exterior. Sometimes it just looks right. Whatever you decide to do it will be cute!

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