Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A whimsical tower and weather boards.

I built the tower roof the other day and it looks very whimsical now. I love the tower! It was a lot trickier to build than I anticipated however. 
First I painted the inside of the pieces white.

This next bit was the most difficult because I had to get the angles of the bits of wood right. (Which took several attempts and a bit of annoyance.) 

After that I had to put the 2 bits at 90 degrees to the original 2 bits up. (Marginally less difficult than the first 2.)

And lastly add in the other 4 pieces - which was a  lot easier.

Here's what the inside looks like.

And here it is on the house. How cute!

Here you can see a lovely little bench than my friend Emily gave to me (it was from her childhood dollhouse). I gave it a coat of paint and think it looks quite nice on the deck for now.

The next job I did was to remove all the wooden weatherboards. I used my craft knife to pry them off. (There were only a few that resisted this treatment.)

Then I cut some more out of thick card. I used a guillotine (rotary trimmer) to cut them. I made them all 2cm wide. And when I stick each one on I measure 14mm above the board and mark where the next board should go. So that the bottom boards are on an angle too I glue a small strip of card along the bottom of each wall so the board has something to overlap.

I am not sure what to do about the small gap between the tower windows...

And that is the progress to date. I might even go do some more weatherboards now...
Oh yeah, and they are not staying white... but you will have to wait and see what colour I have chosen!
Have a splendid day wherever you are!
Love Amy.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Treats from overseas.

Before Christmas I ordered some lovely bits of furniture for my dollhouse and since I received them I haven't had a chance to do any blogging at all.

The first things that arrived were some lovely items from Ireland. 
These were made by Molly Sue Miniatures and you can buy them from her etsy store or her website. She also has a blog which you can view here.
They arrived wrapped up in brown paper.
There is something infinitely exciting about brown paper packages!

The first thing I unearthed was this divine shabby bed.

It is for the master bedroom.

The next thing out of the box was this lovely ornate bookshelf. I am going to make one of the room in the attic a reading area.

Then came this super sweet little dresser. It will go in the children's bedroom.

A beautiful clock.

Another beautiful clock.

Some shabby word wall art.

A little letter holder including tiny mail.

And a gorgeous home sign with hooks and a key sign with keys!

Isn't she so clever! I love her work!

6 days later I received another exciting package in the post!
This one came from Spain and was also filled with delightful goodies!
These ones are made by the talented Ana from Mundorosa. You can buy her stuff from her etsy shop.

The package arrived looking delightfully foreign with all the spanish writing adorning it.
And it was filled with tiny things wrapped in soft pink tissue paper.

I love this little seat. Isn't it adorable! And the fabric is so lovely and fresh!

This little chair is stunning. I have been moving it around the house trying to decide where it should live. At the moment it is by the bookshelf to be a reading chair.

And this little beauty is my new kitchen sink. I really do wish I could take my kitchen sink with me everywhere 'cause it is so so cute! I wish I had a real one like it in my real kitchen!

Thank you Ana for your lovely work! 
Ana has a blog too. Click here to have a look. 

I have been doing some work on my dollhouse as well. 

I made a little mattress to go in the cot. 

And I have done the deck.
It took AGES! But I think the results are worth it. The thing that was tricky was cutting all the angles. I had to do them with a craft knife which was time consuming.
Here is the deck being laid. The hardest bit was where the straight bit of deck joined the tower part and getting all those angles right.

Here is the finished deck.

Here is the balcony before the decking was put on it.

And here is the whole thing stained and finished.

The next thing I did was began to put the weatherboards that my kind friend Tim ripped from a piece of wood for me. The only thing is that they stick out past the door and window frames. I'm not sure what to do about the problem. I think it may look silly when the whole house is done. I may have to make them from cardboard instead...

That's the progress to date. I'll go and do some more soon and since I'm on holiday now I'll try and keep more up to date with my blog too!