Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mini fireplaces, a cupboard, window seats, chairs, a mirror, and an update on the weather boards!

Hello everyone. Thanks to everyone who leaves me comments! I love reading your kind words. It is always such a lovely surprise to see that someone has written something! 
Thanks heaps!

I have made some mini fireplaces, a corner cupboard, and some window seats for my dollhouse. They are the ones that came with the kit. I glued all the bits together and gave them an undercoat and two top coats and here are the results.

Here is the corner cupboard in the dining room. 

Here's a close up - as you can see I need to fill the little gap where it doesn't quite meet the ceiling. 

Here's the window seat in the lounge.

And the window seat in the master bedroom. (Making some bedding for the bed is on my to-do list.)

You can see it a little better in this photo.

Here is one of the fireplaces. I didn't really want to put them against the stairwell (which is where they are on the picture that comes with the kit) but there is actually no walls that are wide enough to put them except the stairwell walls! (I didn't want to put them there because if it was a real house the smoke can't go anywhere.)

Now it is a nice cosy little reading area. I just need some books for the bookshelf, a nice rug, and maybe a cosy blanket!

Here is the fireplace in the lounge. It is looking very bare in there at the moment. I really should finish off the skirting boards and scotia boards before I put any more furniture in the house though. I was part way through doing it when my glue gun died a fiery death and I went on to something else. I have a new one now though so I should finish that job off. (It's a bit boring though compared to doing other things!)

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Emily gave me a few bits of furniture from her childhood dollhouse. (Like the little white bench in the earlier post.) She gave me two sweet little chairs but they didn't quite match my shabby chic theme so I decided to do them up.

This is what they looked like originally. I liked the gingham fabric but red isn't really in my colour scheme so I decided to reupholster them and give them a few coats of paint and a bit of a shabby up with sand paper.

Ta-da! Here is the finished result. I am very pleased with them.

You can see the fabric pattern a bit better in this picture.

I tried them out in the cosy reading area first.

But I think I like them best in the kitchen.

While I had the blue paint mixed up in such a nice shade I decided to paint a little mirror I bought a while ago and have been wanting to make shabby. It started off gold and here is the finished product.

So nice and shabby don't you think!

I haven't decided where I will put it yet.

Lastly I have made some progress on the weather boards but I've made a bit of a mistake (they are not even on both sides of the bay windows) so I am going to have to cut some of them off again!

It looks cool though aye! I can't wait to paint it. (And you will get to find out what color I have chosen.)

Bye for now. 
Love Amy.


  1. Es fabuloso! cuántos adelantos y preciosos.
    Las sillas, el espejo muy bonitos
    Un abrazo

  2. Your dollhouse will be a very beautiful one. It already looks great. I love the changed over chairs and mirror.

  3. Tiene un ambiente muy agradable. Un saludo, Eva

  4. I love the corner cupboard! It looks great.