Friday, 11 March 2011

Little stairs, little walls, little window frames.

The floor is on and I have built the little stairs. However the ones going from the ground floor to the 2nd floor have a slight twist to them or something making them slightly uneven at the top. Also with the combined effort or me, my dad ( a builder) and my friend Tim (another builder) we can't figure out why it has happened so hopefully it comes right when I add the next floor. I am going to glue the steps on at that stage incase any last minute twisting needs to take place. 

Here are both of the stair cases. The one I am holding goes from the second floor to the third floor.

I sanded and shellacked all the walls with door and window holes in them. Here they are leaning up against a book shelf I made a few years ago.
Bethell had a look too.
I also traced around all the wall parts to help with wallpapering etc latter. Like wall patterns. Incase it is too tricky to figure out how to cut the wallpaper.
I have sanded this many of the window frames so far. And written on the back of them all what parts they are!

And have this many to go!
I have also made a first attempt at miniature food. I think they look pretty realistic so that is good. Here are my 21 tiny potatoes and 7 tiny carrots. Can you tell 7 is my favorite number?
See ya later. Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oo exciting! Sarah is right, I can't wait for the painting and also the decorating! Will you have a little pantry to put the food in?

    Also, who is going to live in this tiny house? I don't understand, seems like it would need to be at least 3 times this big!

  2. You are very organized Amy, and it certainly pays off further in the process, doesn't it? You also do lots of good preparation of the timber - and it shows. The finish on your house is excellent.

  3. Thank you Sandra! You are right, it really did pay off! I would have gotten so confused if I didn't write on every little bit. :)