Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A whimsical tower and weather boards.

I built the tower roof the other day and it looks very whimsical now. I love the tower! It was a lot trickier to build than I anticipated however. 
First I painted the inside of the pieces white.

This next bit was the most difficult because I had to get the angles of the bits of wood right. (Which took several attempts and a bit of annoyance.) 

After that I had to put the 2 bits at 90 degrees to the original 2 bits up. (Marginally less difficult than the first 2.)

And lastly add in the other 4 pieces - which was a  lot easier.

Here's what the inside looks like.

And here it is on the house. How cute!

Here you can see a lovely little bench than my friend Emily gave to me (it was from her childhood dollhouse). I gave it a coat of paint and think it looks quite nice on the deck for now.

The next job I did was to remove all the wooden weatherboards. I used my craft knife to pry them off. (There were only a few that resisted this treatment.)

Then I cut some more out of thick card. I used a guillotine (rotary trimmer) to cut them. I made them all 2cm wide. And when I stick each one on I measure 14mm above the board and mark where the next board should go. So that the bottom boards are on an angle too I glue a small strip of card along the bottom of each wall so the board has something to overlap.

I am not sure what to do about the small gap between the tower windows...

And that is the progress to date. I might even go do some more weatherboards now...
Oh yeah, and they are not staying white... but you will have to wait and see what colour I have chosen!
Have a splendid day wherever you are!
Love Amy.

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