Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I made a basket!

I am proud of my basket making effort. A while ago I read In the Court of the Gypsies great tutorial about how to make a mini basket on her blog and have been looking for the little basket toilet deodorisers ever since. I finally found some in the $2 shop so I was excited to be able to try and follow the tutorial. You can read it here
Here are the steps I took. 

I got a basket from the toilet deodorisers. 

Then I wove some skinny string stuff (I bought it from the wool department of a craft store) around and around and around...
Then cut off the extra sticks.

Next I wrapped the string round the top and stuck it down with tacky glue. (This was difficult as everything kept sticking to my fingers rather than the basket top. Eventually (with some internal cursing) I got it done.

As you can see though the bottom of the basket is still ugly plastic.

You can see the little tail I left when I started.

I thought it would look nice with some flowers in it.

I covered the bottom with fabric stuck to paper.

I think it looks much better. Yay!

And it looks lovely with the flowers in I think!

I decided to put it in the bedroom next to the cot for now.



  1. Your basket looks wonderful! You should be pleased. I've just been reading back and progress is very impressive overall.

  2. I love your little basket!!! Now I will have to look for these plastic thingies. You could make a laundry basket out of this also once you figure out how to make the top. LJ

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