Saturday, 11 February 2012

The weatherboards go up one by one hurrah!

It's a cheesy title I know but I think it is funny. I have made some progress with the weatherboards though it has taken a long time! The part inside the deck was the most difficult owing to all the small fiddly bits and oddly shaped walls. The right wall was much easier. 
Firstly I had to correct the mistake I had made. That involved ripping down a few boards, remeasuring (using a story rod) and then sticking boards back up...

This is what the wall looked like with the boards ripped down.

I began putting boards up on the left wall next. (This was somewhat easier than the wall with the tower in it but still very fiddly.)

This photo is peeping through the kitchen door.

More weatherboards on the left wall.

And the finished deck area. (Except for the corner boxes and the bits between the tower windows.)

Here you can see that the lack of corner boxes means you can see the edges on the weatherboards where they meet.

And this picture shows the unfinished tower windows.

The bit that sticks out is a removable section to allow access to this side of the house.

This is the card that I used to make the weatherboards from.

This photo shows how I use my story rod. (A bit of paper with lines spaced 14mm apart.)

Half the right wall completed.

I use a piece of paper to trace the window arches. Then I tape it to the building. After that I tape the weatherboard in place and trace around it and then finally cut it out.

I have done a tiny bit more on this wall but there are still many weatherboards to go! 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend wherever you may be.
Love Amy.


  1. I'm already ready to move in! LOL! It's stunning. You are very intricate in everything you do. Impressive!

  2. Thanks Caroline! I always appreciate your lovely comments!

  3. I loved your blog and am now a follower. ;)

  4. Loving the progress on your Garfield!